Wandering – “Are we there yet”

WEEK 6 – The Story

WANDERING:   The place between where we are and where we want to be.  This “In Between” place.  This place between jobs, this place between wanting kids and having that first child, this place between wanting to get married and getting married, this place between wanting to buy a house and having a house, these are all places of uncertaintly, of waiting and waiting can be uncomfortable.  In a world that tends to be all about becoming or going someone or someplace.  We don’t like to be “in between”, we don’t like wandering.  Yet God does some of His most amazing work in this place.    

       This is exactly what the Israelites where doing when they left Egypt  with Moses they were focusing on what they didn’t have, how great life had been, what they wished they had.  Simply put they were WHINING.   They had also lost their ability to see what God was doing in their midst and so they were also WANDERING. 

Instead of giving thanks to God for freeing them from Egypt, from 400 years of bondage, for parting the Red Sea, giving thanks for saving them from pharoah’s army, giving thanks for daily bread(manna), for water.  They find themselves complaining.  They find themsleves wandering in the desert for 40 years until they learn to stop whining , until they learn to place God first in their lives, until they learn to worship God with everything they do and say each day. 

Question:  In what way are your or have your been wandering? 

Do you find yourself whining and complaining and if so what about? Is it about the lack of possessions, work, place of residence, other people, circumstances, expectations, broken dreams?   How did God react to the Israelites complaints? (read chapter 6 or Numbers 11-14)

When you are /were wandering – in that “in between” place did you lose sight of  God’s provision in your life? 

Take Home Thought:  Here is one way to refocus and remain faithful to God worshiping him each and every day.  Begin and end each day by giving thanks to God for something, the food you eat, the roof over your head, the sun, the rain, the everyday ordinary things in life that when we are wandering in the wilderness we take foregranted.

Blessing on your day,  Pastor Steve

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