The Story Week1: Beginning

This week marks the beginning of the first part of the most incredible story ever told.  Yet, perhaps it would be helpful to look at the Bible as a five act play: (1) Creation & Fall, (2) Israel, (3) the Time of Jesus, (4) the Age of the Church, and (5) the End of Time.   This week marks the beginning of God’s Story – the Upper Story and of human kind’s story the Lower Story.  Each week you will find some questions to consider in preperation for Sunday’s message.  Each week we will together discover something about our story and about God’s story as it continues to unfold in our very midst. 

My invitation to you is to make a commitment to join us each week, secondly to spend time each week both on your own and in community and fellowship with others (small groups, bible study group, women’s group, men’s group etc.) as we grow together in Christ for the sake of the kingdom here in Ravenna and in the world.    

Questions for the week
Consider journaling your response to these questions

  1. God pursued Adam and Eve after they had sinned.  God pursued Cain even as Cain was mad as a swarm of bees.  Have you ever had a time when you realized then or realize now that God was pursuing you?  How did that pursuit change your relationship with God?
  2. Abraham shows an almost absurd level of trust in God when he is called to sacrifice his son Isaac (p. 16-17).  Is there an area of your life God is calling you to trust him with?  What are the next steps doing so?

God’s story is full of characters.  In these chapters, we’ve encountered many including Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, Noah, Abraham, and Sarah.  What patterns do you see in how God relates to these people?