The Story week 7: The Might Be Giants

What does courage look like?

For many of us it may bring back images of soldiers in uniform, and various historic battles might come to mind.  Perhaps images of football and a dramatic goal line stand come to mind and then there is the underdog or little guy taking on someone much bigger, like in the movie Rocky.

This week in The Story, we will see courage in a different way as we read about the Israelites  entering the Promise Land.  First, remember what the first spies said 39 years earlier about the Promise land that it was overflowing with milk and honey…….. remember that they also said the people, because of this abundance of food, where like giants.   To make matters even worse one of their cities Jericho is surrounded by a huge wall.   Giants and huge walls vs. God’s promise that the land was theirs.  God’s command was to be strong and courageous.  The Israelites failed the first time they took this test, and here they are a second time.

Here is where The Upper Story comes into play.  The story of how God again and again redeems his people.  for with God nothing is impossible not even giants and huge walls.   The people trust God, and this is true courage.  Believing and trusting that God will do what God says even when facing giant walls, with no military support, and no physical strength.

For us today as for the Israelites giants are those things in our lives that grow to mythical proportions because of our fears, doubts, or past experiences.   And walls are barriers that we put up and sometimes others created them as well.


What are some of the giants and walls that exist in your life?

I invite you to bring these places in your life  to God in prayer.  To place your trust in God.


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