The Story – Week 3: Joseph : Dreams and Broken Promises

Dreams and Broken Promises: Joseph

Have you ever done exactly what you are supposed to, and then you were horribly punished for it? Or at least it felt that way.  Sometimes it seems that when you give your best, the world thanks you by giving you its worst.

 Joseph seemed to be holding all the right cards.  He had the Ace of Hearts:  he was his father’s favorite.  He had the Ace of Diamonds:  his father lavished him with wonderful gifts, and his dreams pointed towards a princely future.  Two aces should be enough to win prosperity and joy.

 But it soon felt like the cards were stacked against him as he experiences one terrible defeat after another.  Betrayed by family, railroaded by his employer, and disappointed by the false promises of others, one would think Joseph would give up on God and his childhood dreams.

 We read all about Joseph’s story in just a single chapter of The Story, when actually this is a story of decades of perseverance, trust, and hope for Joseph.  His dreams were just the tip of the iceberg, compared to the future God had prepared.  Discover how Joseph outlasted his difficulties and trusted in God’s goodness despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. 

 Questions for the week:

Consider journaling your response to these questions

  1. As you walk in Joseph’s shoes, what are the places in his life when you would have been tempted to surrender your hope and trust in God?
  2. Joseph found himself in prison yet he never allowed his situation or circumstances inprison his steadfast trust in God nor did he compromise his character and integrity.  When have you allowed yourself to be imprisoned by  your dissapointment when things do not go as you expected or planned?  How has your trust in God and willingness to wait o the Lord been affected?  
  3. How do you keep hope and trust afloat in light of hard times?
  4. Joseph had to struggle to forgive those who heart him deeply and needlessly.  Do you have anyone you need to forgive?
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