The Story Chapter 2: God Builds a Nation

The idea of building a nation is truly beyond understanding and to think that God was going to begin with one couple.  On a basic level I can grasp what it takes to building a basketball team, or a football team, players who are willing to commit to the idea of team first, to working hard, to taking care of each other, integrity, character, and a willingness to make sacrifices for the sake and success of the team.  Yet these thoughts are just a small part of what it takes to simply build a successful tea, and God was building a nation. 

God begins with two players, Abraham and Sarah.  Lets face it these two are not exactly who I’d pick to be the lead couple in the next blockbuster movie.  Nor would we pick them to be the next President and first lady, they have a little too much gray hair, and no kids, so hardly the “perfect American family”. 

Why? Why does God choose the unlikeliest of candidates.  We as a nation long for the Kennedy like first couple, and God picks something off of the retread pile, the trash heap and says you will be the beginning of a great nation, your offspring will number more than the stars in the sky.   Why?  Because this incredible story that we are blessed to read, The Bible, is all about God, and what God can do.  If Abram and Sarai had been gifted, athletic, brilliant, picture perfect in every way then this part of the story would have been about them. 

Instead Abraham and Sarah’s story is a story of broken dreams, lost hopes, mistakes, doubt all the things that we to wrestle with.  We doubt whether we are capable of doing things, we come with our brokeness, and we beleive that someone is better suited than us.  God reminds us that we all have a part to play, that he will do the heavy lifting we just need to trust, to be willing to do the work to which we are called. 

Questions to journal in preparation for Sunday:

1. Abraham was called to do the unexpected to go to an unknown place.  What has God asked you to do recently?  What would it cost you to obey? 

2. What factor does age play in God’s calling?  What about the number of gifts and talents that you possess?   Consider whether you feel too old or too young.   What would it take for you to put away your personal feelings of inadequacy and simply follow, simply trust like Abraham? 

Lord I pray that Iwould not myself and those around meas to old or too young, underqualified, or overqualified instead may we together say yes Lord, here I am Lord and go strusting in your provision for the journey.  In Jesus name, Amen. 




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