January 5 – “The King Who Had it All” – week 13 of The Story

As we enter the first week of the New Year, we resume our journey through the Bible using The Story, the Bible in narrative or story form. Please join us each week as we together we strengthen our understanding of God’s Upper Story purpose in our Lower Story lives as we dig deep into the Bible.

This week we begin where we left off with King David turning over the kingdom to his son Solomon, born of his marriage to Bathsheba.  Solomon’s story brings back memories because he was granted what we all would like to have a special wish.  Some of us perhaps are old enough to remember the Sears or JC Penny Christmas Wish Book.  Filled with every imaginable toy that a kid could ever want.  When I was a kid the wish book helped answer the question “If you could have anything for Christmas what would it be.”  Today we have the internet and vivid computer screens to bring to life our dreams and wishes.

Solomon when faced with this question by God, chose not wealth, or material things he chose wisdom.  As a young man faced with ruling a vast kingdom that surely was a smart thing to choose, wisdom.  God granted him his wish and he was known far and wide for his wisdom and because of his gift he soon acquired incredible riches, wealth beyond imagination.  Here is the sad thing, over time while using God’s gift and accumulating wealth, fame, women Solomon forgot the giver.

Perhaps this story sounds familiar because you’ve heard it, or perhaps it sounds familiar because you like me have had times in your life when you’ve taken your eyes off the giver.  As you read chapter 13 in The Story, or 1 Kings 3-11 in your Bible ask yourself these questions.

Questions:  How have you allowed yourself to be distracted by the gifts that you have received?

What things in your life have lulled you into forgetting all about the giver, God?


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