Welcome to First Reformed of Ravenna!

Early 2018 Sermon Series

ALTAR EGO:  Becoming Who God Says You Are

Craig Groeschel in his book Altar Ego writes;

“Do you like me?  Am I good enough?  Do I measure up?  If you’ve ever felt insecure, inadequate, or insufficient, here is some good news – you are not alone.   (And here is some even better news) You are not yet who you are supposed to be.”

Like Craig I have a passion for each of us to understand the gift that God has created us to be.  Unfortunately, past experiences, circumstances, choices, our own brokenness, sin, and the realities of the world collide to keep us from becoming the masterpiece that God created us to be.

Join us as we grow together.

January 28th                Altar Ego: Overcoming Labels That Bind (Blind) You

February 4th                Altar Ego: God’s Masterpiece

February 11th           Altar Ego: Immediate versus Ultimate

February 18th         Altar Ego: Living With Integrity

February 25th               Altar Ego: Developing Spiritual Boldness